Membership Benefits:

    You will agree that membership in ProNet International, Inc. ("PNI") offers many benefits...

    PNI markets and advertises for all members. With PNI marketing, combined with your own, marketplace exposure will grow exponentially. Discounted Website design services are also available (email PNI's Webmaster and mention "ProNet" for more information). These marketing services will be especially beneficial to law firms who traditionally are able to do little more than brochure mailings.

    PNI provides you, the member, the opportunity to easily network with other members. This opens many avenues to receive and offer business. Networking also allows for information exchange, which can facilitate the management and settlement of claims and/or provide necessary defense preparation.

    PNI annual conferences are open to all members and offer both educational and fun opportunities.

    PNI membership confidently brings many additional benefits.

Membership Fees:

    PNI, like many organizations, needs working capital in order to accomplish all that is necessary to assist you in achieving success in your business. The present starting membership fee structure will enable us to accomplish this goal. Per member request, payments may be made semi-annually. Active membership will begin on the date your fee is received and continue for twelve months.

    Please do not hesitate to contact PNI with any comments or questions.

Will I Receive Business?

    Some have asked, "Is there a guarantee I will receive business?" The answer is no. But ask yourself, are there ever any guarantees that you are going to get business from the companies you call on, even after spending several thousand dollars on marketing trips and up to $25,000.00 a year or more on advertising and marketing? Of course not! As businessmen and women, we recognize risks. We also recognize the old adage, "nothing ventured, nothing gained." We at PNI believe that once involved, you will discover the many benefits of membership, and your membership fees will more than pay for itself, time and time again.

Join ProNet International, Inc.:

    To Join PNI, print and complete the most appropriate application below. When finished, fax or mail the completed application to:

    ProNet International, Inc. Membership
    410 Sovereign Ct., Unit 8
    Ballwin, MO 63011
    Fax: 636-391-3903

Membership Applications:

Feel welcome to contact PNI with any comments or questions. To all prospective members, we at PNI look forward to working with you and seeing your ProNet International, Inc. membership help develop your company as well as sharing the adventure and many benefits of membership. To current members, we welcome your suggestions and ideas.

We are committed to making ProNet International, Inc. continuously grow.

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